Brexist economist rejects free trade deal, calls for more protection

A Brexiteer economist has attacked the UK’s free trade agreement with the European Union as “disproportionately harmful” to Australian jobs.

Key points:The Prime Minister said she had consulted extensively with all parties and she felt the deal was “right”Professor Mark Tinsley of Curtin University said Brexit negotiations should have been done by now”We’re not just going to do it by the clock now, we’re going to need to do the process over several years, so we should have done it a long time ago,” Ms May said in a speech on Friday.

“We need to have this agreement in place and in place in order to actually move forward.”

Professor Mark’s comments come as Ms May’s Conservative party has indicated it would be open to the deal if the government does not deliver an agreement by the end of the year.

“It would be a huge help to all parties,” she said.

“And that’s what we need to work out, is how we get on the clock.”

She said it would have been “a good thing” if the deal had been done earlier.

“But it’s not a good thing if it’s a bad thing,” Professor Mark said.

The Government has been struggling to come to terms with the outcome of the EU referendum, with a series of conflicting statements about what the country will look like after the decision is finalised.

It was not clear when the final deal would be announced.

Earlier on Friday, the PM said she was confident Brexit negotiations would be “fair” and that she believed it was “very important” the deal included a “fair and just deal for everyone”.

“The deal will deliver for the UK, it will deliver very, very well for the economy, it’ll deliver for people in the UK,” she told reporters.

“What I’m determined to do is get it done.”

Professor Tinsly told ABC Radio’s AM program that there was a strong argument to be made for a Brexit deal, saying that “if you’re not able to get this agreement, then there’s not much point in having an agreement at all”.

“There’s not going to be any benefits to the UK of not having a deal.

And if we can get it right, then we’re getting the best deal possible for the country,” he said.

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