Why the world’s most important trade game is a complete flop

An economic analysis from a respected trade journal has revealed that the Trade Fair is not the world economy’s best trade.

The Economist published a paper that argued that the fair is not worth it for the same reasons that the UK voted to leave the European Union.

The paper, written by economist Simon Johnson and published on the paper’s website, concluded that the trade fair was not the most important economic event in the world, but rather the most expensive.

It said that, as it was, the world had only 2,200 jobs in the field of trade.

This equates to around $200 per job, the equivalent of $60,000 per year in lost jobs, it added.

This is not just a small number.

It is a big number, but it is an important number, Johnson wrote.

We believe that trade is not as important as we once thought, he wrote.

“The trade deficit and the trade deficit are not just trade’s worst enemy, they are its biggest enemy.

The trade deficit is an absolute drain on global GDP, and the US trade deficit was around $2 trillion per year until the financial crisis.

This is a massive amount of money that has been wasted.”

In terms of the impact on the economy, we are not talking about $1 billion a year in loss of jobs, but billions of dollars.

The whole economy has been hit by this trade deficit, and it is a huge drag on growth and employment.

“Trade economist David Moseley of the University of Sydney said that while it was true that trade has been a major drain on the global economy, it is still a relatively small amount compared to other economic problems.”

It’s a bit of a double whammy because if the world was a little more trade-oriented, that would have been a lot bigger.

“We’re not talking a trillion-dollar hole in the global budget.”

He said that the fact that the global trade deficit had not increased as much as some other economic issues was a sign of the seriousness of the issue.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing for the world to be in this situation,” Mosely said.

“If we were to get a little bit more trade, then you’d have much less of the world struggling in these sorts of problems.”

The economist added that the world is a very unequal place.

“There are plenty of countries that have economies that are not doing well and the world has to sort out how to get out of this,” he said.

“We’re all trying to figure out how do we get out from underneath this.”

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