Trade union leader condemns ‘barbaric’ ‘anti-Semitic’ violence in Siena

Sienanese trade union leader Dario Mignone has condemned a “barbaristic” anti-Semitic attack on a union office in Sioppese which left three people injured.

Mignone, who was also attacked at the same workplace in November, said the “incitement to hatred and racism” had “sabotaged” the efforts of the Sienese Labour Party to tackle anti-Semitism in the country.

The attack, on Friday, took place in the Sioso building of the Union of Sicilians and Maltese Workers (SILWI) union, which Mignones members are based in.

It is not clear how many people were present in the building at the time, but several Sienans are believed to have been present.

In a statement on Friday evening, Mignonoes representative in Siosso said the attacks had been made by a “mob of youths” who attacked a unionist and were “a clear expression of the xenophobia and anti-refugee sentiments of the community” in Sianese society.

Maintaining this theme, Mancini added: “The attacks of the day have shown how far these anti-Sienese mobs have fallen, and how dangerous they are, not only in the face of their anti-racism campaigns, but also in their efforts to marginalise the unions and workers of Sienia, with an intention to intimidate and harass.”

The SIOPPO union is the main body of the SILWI, which represents around 10,000 people in the state.

It has been targeted in recent years by racist attacks, and the violence in November came amid ongoing tensions over the construction of a new border fence with Slovenia.

Siena has long been a stronghold of right-wing populist groups in the Italian capital.

They have often been at odds with the Italian left over social issues such as the right to protest and free speech, as well as on the issue of immigration.

The Sienas recent violent attacks have come as Italy faces an EU refugee crisis which has seen a surge in asylum applications.


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