How to trade on the blockchain

India’s trade and economic policy is being driven by blockchain technology, according to a research paper from a think tank and an international business publication.

India is looking to make a bold move on blockchain technology with its own government-backed ROCE blockchain, which could be used to track and transfer goods and services between states.

This would allow the government to keep track of transactions and to control how transactions are paid and distributed.

According to a report from the research institute, “Globalisation and Digital Transformation” (GDTR), the Indian government is considering establishing a digital payments system for goods and trade.

This could be a key element in its plan to make blockchain technology a central element in the country’s economy.

The ROCEs are used by governments in developing countries to track transactions, as well as other transactions, according the paper.

GDTR found that in a country with a high-level of corruption, corruption can cause economic problems.

“In many cases, this leads to people being forced to accept bribes or to avoid accepting goods,” said the paper, which is titled “A Global Strategy for Digital Trade” and was published in the journal Economic Affairs.

The ROCs are also used in the banking sector and in trade between countries.

This is the first time that India has proposed setting up a blockchain for payments and payments in India.

However, the ROCES, the paper says, could not be used for transactions involving goods.

India’s government wants to move faster with its ROCEO plans.

The GDTR paper says the ROUEs are expected to be a “central part of the government’s digital payments plan”, which includes the establishment of a digital remittance platform, as also a blockchain-based remittance portal.

This platform could be an important part of India’s future digital payments strategy, as India’s current payments system is not secure.


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