Chile, Mexico Trade Exports: No Surprise?

Chile is a major trading partner of Mexico, but its trade deficit with Mexico has been declining since the mid-1990s, while its trade with China has remained high.

And its trade balance with Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela remains high.

The country is also a major transit country for U.S. goods, and has benefited from the United States’ large trade surplus with Mexico.

Chile, however, has not benefited from a favorable trade balance.

As a result, Chile is now the world’s second-largest exporter of goods to Mexico, after China.

Chile’s trade deficit in 2017 with Mexico was $1.1 billion.

That was down from $1,634 million in 2016.

The trade deficit between Chile and Mexico is much larger than the $1 billion gap in the previous five years.

Chile has been exporting a fair amount of goods and services to Mexico.

In 2017, Chile exported $3.9 billion to Mexico alone, an increase of $634 from 2016.

But Chile is not exporting as much to other countries.

In 2018, Chile was exporting just $2.3 billion, an improvement of $3 billion from the previous year.

Mexico was the biggest importer of Chilean goods in 2017, with $854 million of that going to Chile.

Chile and the United State remain Chile’s biggest trading partners, but it’s no surprise that Chile’s deficit with China is declining.

In 2016, Chile’s imports of Chinese goods totaled $1 trillion, while Chinese exports to Chile totaled just $1 million.

Chile exported about $1 for every $1 China sent to Chile in 2017.

Chile is also the world, and U. S. trade, largest importer to China, with Mexico in 2018.

Chile exports about $2 for every dollar China sends to Chile, while Mexico sends about $200 for every peso China sends.

The two countries’ trade in goods, services, and investments totaled $2,927 billion in 2018, an average of $2 billion a day.

Chile lost its second-highest export position, with a trade deficit of $1 per $1 of goods it exported to China in 2017 and a $1 trade surplus of $0.5 per $2 of goods Mexico exported to Chile last year.

Chile continues to have a trade surplus, but is becoming more dependent on the United Kingdom and France.

Chile imported $1 more from the U.K. in 2018 than in 2017 while Mexico imported $0 more from France.

While Mexico’s trade with the U


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